Phil Geelhoed

Multi Skilled Technical Artist

Website Creation

Co-Alignment Website

Custom made website with our own offerings. This was a beautiful heart-centered project from my girlfriend and me during covid.The whole website is custom made in plain HTML, JavaScript and Tailwind CSS

We stopped our services in June 2022 but the website is still online and can be found here

Co-Alignment Course Platform

I made and designed a Zenler powered course platform that hosts our dance transformation course. Every page is completely custom made.

The platform is inactive but the demo website is still online and can be found here

Metal Bending

Ab de Jong Metaalbewerking - Website

My very first website I did years ago for a metal bending company in the Netherlands.

Visit the website here.

Animation Design

Sukoon loading
Sukoon splash

Sukoon Arabic Mindfulness Movement

Created these cool splashscreen animation and loading screen animation in Flutter.

Check website:

Butterfly Gorrila

When a good friend called me a butterfly gorilla, I needed to make a visual out of it immediately. This is the result and can be easily used for Youtube video or as a background at a concert

Logo Design

Being Human

An initiative to bring more mindfulness to the wellness world in Amsterdam

What's Your Word

USA based initiative that makes custom made water bottles that start conversations

Philip Elisa

Personal brand for my DJ and Sound healing carreer

Co-Alignment Halo

Logo variation of Co-Alignment for the premium community we made for conscious creators: HALO. This logo has specific neon effects that help it radiate.

Video Editing

Audio Visualizer for YouTube

Created an audio responsive video generator that moves with our voice and music input

Watch on YouTube here.

Event Screens

Beautiful event screens used for online meeting that are fitting into the branding of the company.

Cover Design

Zoom Events

During covid we made a lot of events online. This is a selection of these announcement posters that were easily shareble in Social Media

Spotify Playlists

Covers that meet their musical vibes

Podcast Episodes

EMBODIED podcast design variations

Random Imaginative Designs and Illustrations

All My Skills in A Row

Illustrator | Photoshop | Premiere Pro | Indesign | Adobe XD | Figma | Rive Animation | Flutter | HTML5 | CSS | JavaScript | Tailwind CSS | Veu.JS | Jira | Agile | Audacity | Java | Python | C++ | Personal Development | Meditation | Mindfulness

Creation is my Passion

I am always growing and improving my skills. If you are searching for someone like me, hit me up on one of the underneath social channels.Let's grow together!

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